I’ve Never…

I’ve never been so in love, yet so ready to let go.
I’ve never been so caring, yet so ready to leave it all.
I’ve never seen a soul so bright, yet so dark at the same time.

I’ve never thought I would do it, but I did.
I’ve never thought I liked it, but I enjoyed.
I’ve never thought I’m that person, but I became.

I’ve never imagined, it happens.
I’ve never wondered… Or maybe I did.
I’ve never let things hidden, I always show.

I’ve never tried but, for the first time, I feel like trying is the only way.
I’ve never felt but, when it hits, it hurts.
I’ve never cried but, for moments I did, it was heartfelt.

I’ve never given everything yet with just one look, I gave.
I’ve never wanted to risk it yet this time I risk it all.
I’ve never desired to wait yet at this very moment, it’s all I did.

I’ve never expected you.
Yet you happen anyway.

From my archives.

For world poetry day.



I hid behind the facade I always created.
I told you all about it.
You knew.
I open up and you accept.
You open to me, I embrace.
We were vulnerable.
I show you all my colours.
You let me see an outburst of blues.
We complimented.
When I am red, you provide yellow.
When you’re grey, I let out a stream of rainbows.
I couldn’t let you drown.
We spoke about things that left us hollow.
All the tragedies we have.
We share.
We live on love and affection.
We act on love and affection.
But, is it worth it?
I waited.
You left it.
“It is what it is, I guess…”
It’s easy to smile and say things you don’t mean.
But, what if I meant it?
Have you thought about it?
What if I decided to stop?
Would you give up on me?
Would you still be here like you promised me?
If only you realised,
We could have been perfect.
But, uncertainties kept you away.

I Will Meet You There

I Will Meet You There

The poem I originally wrote on July 16th, 2015.

Leave a place
Leave a space
Leave some memories
Leave some strange sceneries

Walk the path of the future
Lead your feet out of the water
Trying to hold a grip
Though you’re afraid, you might slip

Friends, foes
They come and go
Love, feelings
Where did it all go?

Though I shall remember
All my fears and desire
I too shall forget
All my shallow regret

For when there are aspirations
Came great expectations
Must we all walk together all the same?
No, my dear
Find your own path and lane

If you shall feel
As if there is no end
Remember all God’s plan

And when you feel
A new breath of air
I will meet you there

All poems by me are very open to your own interpretation. I, of course, have my own.




I had this on my notebook for a while now. This has been rewritten for countless of times. I hope it’s good enough.

This is about my undying love for a woman

Even though I might have broke her heart

I might have crushed them

I might have caused distraught

I hope I’m not much of an awful human being



Because I sincerely love her

I wrote this with heart and mind poured entirely

I am not the best thing to ever happen to anyone

But, I am glad that I happen to her

I am glad that I was destined to arrive on her hands




I am a being

Full of imperfections

But, you shaped and carved me

I don’t know why you were so determined

While you could have give up any moment

I guess that’s what made you special



This little flesh who grew into a living person

A very difficult one, that is

Has been blessed by your touch

Blessed by your care

And, my God will I ever be able to return it?

I don’t think there will come a day where

I can repay every single thing



Don’t give up on me

Don’t ever think you’re not good enough

When I cause mischief

You gave all you have, I’m just too stubborn



Sometimes being a perfect mother

Can be a little lonely

It seems like everyone around you

Turn their backs against you

While you and you alone knows best

About your own flesh



They try to stir you around

But, you refused

The amount of resistance you gave

When they try to change

Souls you have protected for years

Astonishing in my eyes



One day they will see

The things you fought relentlessly

Blossomed into something so perfectly

Their words meaningless entirely



I aspire to turn out being the woman you are

When my time has come

I know I’ll be clueless

But, I know that you’ll help me

So stay with me

We have a beautiful future ahead


A bond that no one

No one but, us shared

We are the only ones who understand

They try but, it’s not the same

Happy Birthday, Bunda. 


I pick up a photograph

Reminiscing all the laugh

You told me to look above

Convince myself, I am enough


Taught me to fight back

When they mock me

For all the things I lack

Noticing how I crack


My very first steps

Not an easy one

Still, forward, waited

Not a frown in sight


You are soft

That is your strength

Then you love

And you never left


For every harsh

Justifications I did

You stood with patience

Made an understanding


You never show

But, you always know

You create your flow

And let them follow


And if He decide

The time is now

I shall kneel

Head down, eyes close, weeping


But, as long as

Our souls remain exist

I shall try not to commit

An early exit


Time is mysterious

Perhaps, unpredictable

But, we shall not blame

Or make it an excuse


For ethereal existence

Such as yours, are rare in sight

My love, I say

Remains unconditional


-Happy Birthday, dad.

All poems by me are very open to your own interpretation. I, of course, have my own.
Written for and prior to my father’s birthday.


”Now, she’s a worry made of gray..”

She once believed that

Life, the one she live in

depended on people’s thoughts

It surrounds her mind

consumes her, drives her


Impress, she must

Bits of everything

Constructed into something

Considered perfection

She was compelled

“you have to.”

It echoes, repeated

She failed to realize

Her soul, away and away

Slowly, surely

She was a bliss

Made of colour

Now she’s a worry

Made of gray

She found herself

Not too late

She started over

Painted again

Filled the holes

She once left

wide open

She turned around

Cleared off

her obstacles

Worry again

No, she did not

She stopped depending

Left it off

Let them  burn away

She began to see

Wonders, exist

True colours, exited

Fascination, herself filled

All poems by me are very open to your own interpretation. I, of course, have my own.
Written on 30 October 2016, a little before midnight.  

The Inner Thoughts

Another work of poetry.

Have you ever wondered a lot of things about yourself? This is mine.

I want to crawl deep inside you

Feel those burning thoughts

I want to dive in you

Discover your inner ghost


Have you tried switching your lights on?

Provide them with your light

Have you tried opening your closed doors?

Let them come inside


Do you feel like a machine

That needs a sustainable engine

Driven by people who drive you insane

Let me hold you and heal all your pain


The world is a place to discover

Either your enemy or your lover

The world is filthy

But you’re here to shine a light on me


The voices in your head

The whispers in your ear

The people surrounding

The feeling of fear


Aware of your insecurity

Shielding your vulnerability

Protect yourself from susceptibility

Afraid of living secludedly


Beware of the demons

Consuming your soul rapidly

Shout it loudly

I promise you won’t be lonely