About Kya


Kya Maldini Hill. An Indonesian girl who’s interests including history, literature and royalty. The House of Windsor (Britain) and The House of Bernadotte (Sweden) are her most favourite royal houses. She has been trying to learn Swedish. She favors the band U2 and claimed to love her music loud enough to dance to as well as to listen to when she is sad. She love watching the TV series Game of Thrones. She considers Edward Scissorhands as her favourite movie. She also has a high hopes of being a journalist one day. Kya consider herself to be shyly outgoing & a realistic idealist. Close friends in middle school call her “Kay” as a nickname (they still do). She loves pastas and a well made ice tea and/or coffee, other times she doesn’t mind some sodas as well. Her religious beliefs are her primary source of guidance. Her family are her personal support system and her life… is an ongoing learning process.

She currently resides in Jakarta, Indonesia.

She love to talk! Contact her anywhere on her social media links here:

All the writings, views & opinions expressed on this site are of her own unless stated otherwise.

Have a great day, awesome people!


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