Kya’s A to Z: January

I gotta be honest. I got this idea just a day after my birthday. Although, it’s a bit late. I’m gonna try and do this monthly reviews. Challenging myself and all that crap. Right, anyways, here it goes!

  • A is for Acknowledgement

I have been acknowledged as one of the most responsive/talkative student in both my course and homeschooling institution.

  • B is for Billet-doux

I think I wrote and sent one.

  • C is for Compromise

I learned to come to terms with some things and some people.

  • D is for Dysfunctional

Some extended family problems changed the way I think forever.

  • E is for Effusion

I find myself writing a lot in a more open and heartfelt way. An outpouring of emotions, you might say.

  • F is for Father

It’s his birthday month and I wrote a poem

  • G is for The Godfather

I re-watched all three of the movies passionately and found myself fell in love with Al Pacino (again)

  • H is for Hectic 

It just feel like it somehow this month. I got loads of shit to do.

  • I is for Ironic

After witnessing the climate in my country (politics, arguments, etc), it just seems like a fitting word.

  • J is for Joie de Vivre

I have try to lay back and live a little. Trying to have that joyous life yanno.

  • K is for Katriona

It’s not particularly someone I know. But, I grew very fond of the name somehow and use it as a character name for stories I wrote for my personal writing exercises.

  • L is for Lorde

Her song ‘Bravado‘ has been my jam and it is a gem.

  • M is for Mingling

I simply avoid it.

  • N is for Neighbours

It has gotten quite crowded (in a good way!)

  • O is for Opinionated

Everybody got something to say and it has been flooding every platforms.

  • P is for Praying

Lots and lots of it. Intensify it. Depended on it.

  • Q is for Quiet

In urgent need for a certain kind of quietness.

  • R is for Refuse

Rejecting outside input and only listen to mum and dad.

I have been dancing to it and I cannot stop. Please, send help.

  • T is for Trump

DOOMED. He banned innocent people out. Leaving loads of people stranded. It is basically a Muslim Ban.

  • U is for U2

giphy (1).gif

They announced a new tour on January 9th and I died. I just died. Also, I hope they let out strong statements!

  • V is for Vibes

It’s all chill.

  • W is for Women’s March

I feel so incredibly proud and happy to witness such a movement. Standing up against the so called President Trump.

  • X is for Xenophobia

It has increased in to such a worrying level that I can’t even imagine what the future would be like.

  • Y is for Yearning

I guess, everyone is yearning for help.

  • Z is for Zany

It seems like a good word to put here because I have no idea what to write for ‘Z’

I hope I can keep this up as I feel very motivated. I can’t wait to write for February!


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