I pick up a photograph

Reminiscing all the laugh

You told me to look above

Convince myself, I am enough


Taught me to fight back

When they mock me

For all the things I lack

Noticing how I crack


My very first steps

Not an easy one

Still, forward, waited

Not a frown in sight


You are soft

That is your strength

Then you love

And you never left


For every harsh

Justifications I did

You stood with patience

Made an understanding


You never show

But, you always know

You create your flow

And let them follow


And if He decide

The time is now

I shall kneel

Head down, eyes close, weeping


But, as long as

Our souls remain exist

I shall try not to commit

An early exit


Time is mysterious

Perhaps, unpredictable

But, we shall not blame

Or make it an excuse


For ethereal existence

Such as yours, are rare in sight

My love, I say

Remains unconditional


-Happy Birthday, dad.

All poems by me are very open to your own interpretation. I, of course, have my own.
Written for and prior to my father’s birthday.

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