Dysfunctional: An Ode to Disappointment


What was thought to be normal. In fact, dysfunctional. (Photography by: Gabriel Isak)


What you thought was right

What you thought was an ideal way

What you thought as a solution

Went unnoticed

Even ignored


All they see is how you

Struggle to make it right

Struggle to please everyone

And sadly,

They seem to think

That everything you do is a fail


You took a step

In each one

You planted hope

You put on faith

You made it your armour

And still,

Not enough


You would have to climb

The top of a horrid

Materialistic pyramid

In order to fulfill expectations

Set impossibly high

Based on standards that apply

To those who only seek

Fortune in a world

That is full of lies

That is full of false promises


You would have to fit

In the mainstream idea

of a complete success

Full of glimmering delight

That only last

Until your last breath


Idealistic thoughts

Seems to be a sin

While solely realistic perspective

Seems to be the only perfect way

But, what if realistic

Is not the answer?

What if those that seems real

Is the trap we fear?


We only need a little

of their trust

A little patience

A little encouragement

Not instead,

Frontally belittled


The initial impression

of love and compassion

Turns out to be a mask

Full of distrust and betrayal

Sparking an anger within

A rage waiting to be unleashed


What was thought to be normal

In fact, dysfunctional

All poems by me are very open to your own interpretation. I, of course, have my own.
Written on 1 January 2017. 22:09 PM, with anger.  

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