10 Reasons Why You Should Totally Live Abroad

Background photo taken personally in Makati, Philippines.

Ever think about leaving your country and start a new life somewhere? Maybe find a job there? Are you moving out as a family? Do you have doubts about it?

Well, I am here to share my experience living outside my home country. These are general experiences that I thought you might want to expect if you are considering or even planning to live somewhere out of your country.

First of all, if you are a bit skeptical of the idea, don’t worry. I get you. It’s a very nerve wrecking process and you wouldn’t know what to expect! So, that little worry is totally okay.

Now, here are the things I’ve learned from my own experience living abroad:

1. There Will Be Changes
Well, obviously it will not be the same as how you use to live. There will be changes and it is mostly great! You will learn things that you never thought you would experience. Besides, not all changes are bad. Who knows? Maybe that change might lead to somewhere even better than what you have now.

2. It is Cool!
Let’s face it. There’s a fraction in all of us that includes what seems ‘cool’ to consideration. If it is cool enough for us, we will do it. And this is true. I am not talking about how it will be a show off material, I’m talking about how it will be cool for you. Living abroad is so cool. You will have fun and find new things to share to people!

3. Food, Food and Food
Culinary is something everyone enjoys everywhere. If you move abroad, you will definitely experience different types of food. From food that is simple to food that is complex. If you’re a person who enjoys culinary, you will love living in new places! Even if you’re not, you still love eating right? Haha!

4. Making New Friends
This is something that will definitely happen, one way or another. You will encounter a new set of people and they will get to know you. You would be surprise on how much people would be interested in your life! People are kind of curious to one another, anyway.

5. Language
You will be exposed to a whole new language. Especially if you move to a non-English speaking country. My experience of moving abroad is to the Philippines, where majority of people speak the native language Tagalog. They do speak English in markets or places alike but, Tagalog is still the main language. If you move somewhere with anything other than English as their first language, it will be weird at first but, interesting along the way. Plus, you can have a new set of vocabulary from a different language! There’s no downside to that!

6. Hospitality
Expect kindness! Yes, you read that right. People tend to be kinder to foreigners. That’s fact. If they find out you’re not a citizen of their country, they will most likely be kind enough to treat you nicely. They will likely offer help and other small vital things. Like where to shop, where is the hospital, nearest market, basic phrases in their language, etc. They are usually willing to provide you with that information!

7. Culture
Cultural exposure is something that will definitely occur. Whether you realize it or not. If you live somewhere long enough, you’ll find yourself getting use to their customs in a little while. It is usually great, you will notice few differences with how you use to live along the way.

8. Eye Opener
Living somewhere that isn’t originally home will definitely be an eye opening experience. Wherever it is, it will be different. No place are the same. You might be surprised, you might not. But, it will definitely made you learn a lot. Even the little things that you notice.

9. Appreciative and Tolerant Towards Others
We are one but, we are not the same (yes, I quoted U2. Haha, sue me). We have different views on life, religion, politics, things, etc. Even other human beings. We might notice people who are slightly different from us. We can’t be selfish about it. We should all just live in harmony and peace. Living somewhere that isn’t home will definitely open up yourself to be kinder, more considerate and caring towards others.

10. Unforgettable Experience
It will no doubt, be an unforgettable experience. At least for a point in your life, you experience something entirely different. Not everyone has an opportunity to pack their stuff and just go. Not everyone is as lucky as you are. You will appreciate it, be grateful about it and never forget it. Who knows what kind of life you will live there. Make the most of it and be happy.

There you have it, folks. I really hope if someone who is planning to move out somewhere read this, they won’t have doubts or at least would consider it more. I have to admit when I receive the news that I will move out of my country, I was really skeptical of the idea. I spend quite a lot of time thinking about it even though I don’t say it to anyone. I am just like that. I keep a lot of things to myself. Maybe, not anymore with this one.
But anyway, that’s not the point, haha. Really, the life lessons I learn here are priceless and I won’t experience it the same way somewhere else. If I move again somewhere, it will obviously be different. But, that’s the exciting part!

Somehow the idea of uncertainty can be very appealing. The idea of not knowing what’s ahead of you might attract you even more. The idea of having a little gray once in your life and not always a definite black and white is somewhat mesmerizing. That’s the beauty of living, the joy of discovery and it’s so extraordinary.

So, enjoy your journey, people. Live it. Be grateful for it and good luck!


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