Gifts from France!

On my birthday (February 2nd), I went to the post office to pick up a package I have been longing to get!

My friend, her name is Margot. She had promised me to send a few stuff. This promise was made in December 2014 hahaha, it’s literally a year later she made it happen!

So, the package arrived and I have to pick it up to the post office. I went there with my mum and I was so excited because I was expecting it!.
I went to the pick up window and deal with the things yada yada yada… they pick up the stuff and do some checkings. The package’s box was broken when it got here. I was so worried that there are things that broken there. But, I was relieved when I saw it’s all alright.

Here is a picture of the stuff I get!


These are the things that were in the box:
2 Game of Thrones books
3 U2 CDs
A candy cane (which by the time I wrote this blog post, is already been eaten by me and my brother, Raky)
A cute souvenir from Alsace
A cut out picture of the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls. Because, I like him and Margot decided to include a picture of him to send to me, haha.
A scribbled restaurant menu that was an inside joke between me and Margot.

I am so happy to receive these. I am currently thinking about what I should get for her. I wanna send something back!

This is what makes me happy to have friends from abroad because you never know what to expect. Plus, it makes you happy to know that you have someone out there, eventhough you never met them, someone out there to call “friend”. You also get to share cultures and views and opinions and it’s so so fun.

That’s all for today’s blog post. It’s quite late here in Mandaluyong.

Good night!


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