The Inner Thoughts

Another work of poetry.

Have you ever wondered a lot of things about yourself? This is mine.

I want to crawl deep inside you

Feel those burning thoughts

I want to dive in you

Discover your inner ghost


Have you tried switching your lights on?

Provide them with your light

Have you tried opening your closed doors?

Let them come inside


Do you feel like a machine

That needs a sustainable engine

Driven by people who drive you insane

Let me hold you and heal all your pain


The world is a place to discover

Either your enemy or your lover

The world is filthy

But you’re here to shine a light on me


The voices in your head

The whispers in your ear

The people surrounding

The feeling of fear


Aware of your insecurity

Shielding your vulnerability

Protect yourself from susceptibility

Afraid of living secludedly


Beware of the demons

Consuming your soul rapidly

Shout it loudly

I promise you won’t be lonely


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